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There were four generations of the Zune software and many updates and fixes were released throughout the life of the software. Zune works with a number of different formats across a range of media types. After that, you need to work through the steps for setting it up. I’m using the Verizon HTC Trophy running Windows 7.5 Mango. Make sure and leave it plugged into your computer, and don’t try to use it until the update finishes. Here you’ll see the name you gave it, what was added, how much storage space is available and more. You’ll get a notification on your phone when one is available.After installing the Zune Software, plug the Windows Smartphone into your PC. Marketplace changes include section headers have been merged in the Windows Phone app section (i.e. Application tiles have been resized as well in both the Zune and Windows Phone sections.Apps section removed from Marketplace in software (although they are still downloadable directly to Zune HD devices), Zune Social section removed, Mixview disabled, music videos on Marketplace cannot be redownloaded, reactivated or relicensed if user's computer is upgraded and are no longer available for purchase or streaming via Zune Music Pass.This can be activated by bringing up the menu during a podcast play and selecting “unsubscribe”.This feature was originally slated to be part of the original consumer release of the 2.x firmware (several reviewers described having this option), but it was removed. Also adds new features such as gapless playback, smart playlists, new sorting options, multiple device syncing, and support for XNA (Xbox game developers will be able to load custom code using the XNA platform).

A new multiplayer mode and single-player difficulty levels are added to Texas Hold'em.Additional features were added (Zune HD only), Smart DJ, Native AVI and XVID support, Marketplace on TV-Out, Picks on-device, increased performance, browser fixes, favorites sorting, web screenshots, hidden network, no ads on games.Additions and changes also include the increase spacing of the artist and song titles, the addition of a new section in the tagging system called 'Show Sort'.A clock, screen lock feature, and free games (Texas Hold'em and Hexic) are added.The "quick list" has been replaced with a "now playing" list, which functions differently from the previous "quick list".

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Visual changes have been made to Zune Social, making it easier to navigate.