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We have still have our two favourite manufactures who have both brought out new models, however the changes between those models and the previous models are pretty slim.Rather than being new models, I would suggest they more more updated models of the previous design.The maps and directions have not improved much from previous models, but what has improved is the overall performance which is now hard to beat.As with all Garmin's your getting free lifetime map updates, free traffic alerts and if you connect it to your smartphone, hands-free calling and live drivers information.When you buy a brand named sat We said this exact same thing earlier it in the year, however the market has moved on again and is offering some major flexibility to the best sat navs on the market.Gone are the days when you only had a choice of one or two different designs, in this market you can now choose up to four different designs within the same model.These days, most sat-navs will feature some sort of traffic service, alerting you to delays and traffic jams.

Secondly, you should consider whether you want your sat-nav to come with traffic updates.If you want to limit how much the device obstructs your view, there’s a range of sat-navs with 4-inch screens available.If you don’t mind something a little bigger, you can pick up devices featuring screens of up to 7 inches.Bearing in mind, you average smartphone will measure anywhere from 4 to 6-inches, it’s worth considering how big you want your dedicated device to be.With prices starting at £39.99 for rising all the way up to £399.99 for a top of the range Sat Nav it can be a really hard decision to choose the best sat nav from all the available unit across the market.

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There might be better navigators on the market, but there are none that offer the value-for-money of the Drive Smart.

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