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No fumbling, no feeling around they all work the same.

Future GHM-9 stocks are going to be custom fitted, however, this gun is still evolving.

Ive put over 500 rounds of various brands, weights and types through the gun so far, most of them, flawlessly.

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While the 42 isnt listed as a Gen4 gun, youd expect it to borrow heavily from GLOCKs latest design features and it does.

– [James] Hey guys, James again, with TFB TV and I have a special treat for you today.

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While we didnt have a pull-weight scale, both triggers were close enough that any difference was negligible. It’s incredibly lightweight and it’s still a very comfortable wire stock.No, there arent any interchangeable backstraps here.So, as you’ll see, here, Cam is demonstrating how if you’re a right hand shooter, that reciprocating charging handle that’s attached to the bolt can sometimes get in the way of your support hand.You wont have any difficulty hitting anything toward which you point a 42 at a legally explainable personal defense distance.The 42 has Gen4-ish texturing, but its not nearly as rough as the bumps found on its bigger brothers.


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