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Merkur razor dating

If your hair doesn’t grow in as thick as Bradley’s, it may not look so hot—but it’s still worth a try. Works for: A pear-shaped face (narrow forehead and broad jawline) with coarse hair that’s straight or curly.

How to get it: You’ll need a lot of time and patience for this.

Then, use a good blade (and good shaving techniques) to outline the goatee before shaving the rest of your face.

Go slowly to create those even lines…and to avoid having to start over completely.

A thin, immaculate mustache (and the bare skin all around it) says, “I give a damn,” while the wilder soul patch and beard say, “Maybe I don’t.” We like to call this look the Smooth Operator.If Ron Jeremy were just kicking off his illustrious skin flick career now, this is the facial hair he’d sport. Gosling’s Porn Star look, of a heavy mustache and wispy chin whiskers, is the modern twist on the ‘stache-only styles of the ‘70s.Works for: Straight, fine hair (even if it grows in patches) on an oblong-shaped or rectangular face with a rounded chin. Invest in a pair of mustache scissors (; to neatly shape the upper-lip hair and trim your beard, but don't comb it—the wispiness comes from keeping it au naturel.Trim your beard when it hits the desired length—and every two to three weeks thereafter—and shampoo with lime oil soap two to three times a week as well.You’ve probably seen the Touch of Scruff on all manner of celebrities. Because it’s shipshape without looking like it takes much effort (but it kind of does).

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