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“We wouldn’t go to a physician that hasn’t gone to medical school.

That’s because California is the only state that does not require its high school athletic trainers to be certified in any way.By licensing athletic trainers, AB1510 will effectively protect the athletes by ensuring only qualified individuals can work as an athletic trainer.” The bill faces opposition from the California Physical Therapy Association, which has held for years that there is no need for a layer of certification for athletic trainers.In a letter to Dababneh last spring, which addressed six concerns, the professional group said, “AB 1510 is highly flawed and addresses no pressing issues facing the State of California and its citizens.“I’m very much for certification,” said Scott Heinrichson, 45, an accredited athletic trainer at St. Just this season, a high school football player in Santa Rosa suffered a severe head injury that required brain surgery.During training camp over the summer, a young player in the Bronx collapsed and died, apparently from heat exhaustion.

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Are they making the right decisions, in the best interest of the athlete? “It’s a low-cost effort,” said the Stringer Institute’s Scarneo.

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