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Others use terms like macroevolution, or even megaevolution, as if the processes are different from those which occur below species level.

Taiwan is firmly anti-communist, so there's another layer of depth to the picture.The whole movie seems like it could be a living world, not just starting and ending where the picture starts and ends, but a place with living people and full lives in it.It's little moments, like playing pool, fixing a radio, a game of basketball, and a dinner party - while they seem unimportant, it's what makes the movie special, especially when it all comes together in the end.Using the term 'reptile' broadly, the groups include dinosaurs, pterosaurs, Chelonia (turtles), crocodylomorphs (early Crocodilia), phytosaurs, and ichthyosaurs a bit earlier (Middle Triassic).These radiations occurred after the great mass extinction at the end of the Palaeozoic era, and the Triassic itself had several lesser (but still significant) extinctions.

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The greatest radiation of all took place early in the Cambrian period, when most of our animal phyla evolved: see List of animal phyla.

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