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Invalidating iterators c

However, in very rare cases (if in any) they may differ.

If there is a requirement for elements to be destructed/constructed instead of being assigned, consider implementing a wrapper of the element which would implement the assign operator, and store the wrappers instead.

The bounded buffer is normally used in a producer-consumer mode when producer threads produce items and store them in the container and consumer threads remove these items and process them.

The bounded buffer has to guarantee that producers do not insert items into the container when the container is full, that consumers do not try to remove items when the container is empty, and that each produced item is consumed by exactly one consumer.

The , and at least one of the threads may potentially write, then the user is responsible for ensuring mutual exclusion between the threads during the container accesses.

The mutual exclusion between the threads can be achieved by wrapping operations of the underlying - the old element is being overwritten by the new one.

This definition is enforced by the Debug Support and is documented for every method.

This claim is based on the assumption that an assignment (replacement) of a new item into an old one is more effective than a destruction (removal) of an old item and a consequent inplace construction (insertion) of a new item.The method which throws an exception when the index is out of range.An iterator is usually considered to be invalidated if an element, the iterator pointed to, had been removed or overwritten by an another concurrent insertion and traversal, but not concurrent erasure. They may hold locks internally, but never while calling user-defined code.They have semantics similar to the C 11 value_type; typedef Element mapped_type; typedef Hash hasher; typedef Equality key_equal; typedef Alloc allocator_type; typedef typename allocator_type::pointer pointer; typedef typename allocator_type::const_pointer const_pointer; typedef typename allocator_type::reference reference; typedef typename allocator_type::const_reference const_reference; typedef (const_iterator hint, Args&&...

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