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Good flash dating sims

took a while to figure out how to get them all in 1 play, when i finally figured it out i saw it was posted in the comments too The hardest person to get to go with a holiday was Naomi. Kendra took me 3 times and Reiko was first time lucky.I would recommend new players to try to go for Reiko, Kendra and then Naomi. In the early stages, don`t bother talking to girls unless you have gifts to give them. Great Game this one is a lil bit hard and hard games can make people lose their spirit to play, but the girls can make layer wanted to play more and more, plus the sex scene are amazing. Get swag up first to 70 u`ll need around 230 bucks then buy 1 a teddy bear, chocolate and flower for each then just interact with them until you get enough points. Fantastic Game with superior Graphics and Animation. Multiple endings are great and the sandbox feel of this game makes it so much fun.Or maybe an ending where you`re allowed to invite two or even all three girls but soon learn that, no, that`s not actually better at all, you greedy idiot.Found all three secrets: One is by the locker by Naomi The other is at the shop on the ceiling (on the left) close to the shop And the last is in the Library, sticking out on a book (these pictures require a QR scanner) Was hoping if LOP could make a free game similar to Jordan 500, which is definitely my personal number one, but overall, this game was good; hot girls, glad to see Kendra again, and Reiko is just a bombshell.

Overall though, 8/10 and definitely worth an orgasm or two.

The most common objective of dating sims is to date, usually choosing from among several characters, and to achieve a romantic relationship.

A romantic simulation game (恋愛シミュレーションゲーム ren’ai shimyurēshon gēmu) in Japan, can involve several technical elements such as a time limit, several statistics such as looks and charm which can be boosted through exercise, or an “attraction meter” which can increase or decrease depending on one’s decisions.

Maybe because she was more "realistic" like some say and you know if you don`t get Reiko points up fast she gone and you stuck but Naomi is the hardest it seems, typical high maintainence popular cheerleader lol. It`s fantastic as is, of course, but that would make it even better. The only issue I had with it was when you screwed up and had to start over from the beginning this game can take a while to complete. This is where you have to improvise a good bit, depending on who you`re courting. Reiko - 10/10 Kendra - 9.5/10 Naomi - 9/10 All in all, super awesome game! It took a lot of work to get a girl - not a bad message! I think its best to concentrate on the gym and swag as you can earn more money as a bouncer and can guarantee a girl will be there every night, but I am still learning this one, after many attempts Girls: 8 Gameplay: 6 Sex: 7 Overall: 7 The sex scenes were too much pixel hunting, which I don`t like.

Oh god I really really wish you could have extra endings involved with more than one of the girls. Some of them have early swag requirements, some don`t. Time went by even if you didn`t do anything sometimes. I liked this game a lot, but I can`t help but feel it`d be better if you could invite two girls to go with you at the end.

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Dating sims are a video game subgenre of simulation games, usually Japanese, with romantic elements.

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