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Do not want kids dating

It seems like a novel notion to many, but it isn’t a decision that should be met with such surprise.Some women would rather focus on another aspect of their lives rather than kids.Although research is on-going for the equivalent of the female birth control pill, the side effects of the most promising drugs have proved unbearable in early testing.Being a woman who does not want to become a mother is still a bit of a cultural anomaly in 2017."I never usually think babies are cute, have no desire to hold them, and the thought of physically giving birth and having to rear a child has always sounded awful to me.It's not that I hate kids — other people's children are perfectly fine — I've just never felt that desire to have any of my own.” Some women just don’t want to be mothers."Marriage is the ultimate commitment, and even though I was with my husband for almost six years by the time we got married, I knew marriage would officially seal the deal.” There are many reasons to get married, even if you’re not planning to have kids.

But there's a lot of work to be done: the pressure is still abundant for women to behave maternally.Figuring this out at the beginning of a partnership will relieve you of MUCH unwanted stress down the line.Sure, there are plenty of people out there who don’t want to be parents.If children are not on the table, why even bother with getting married?"Ultimately, I loved the idea of a lifelong partner, and solidifying that relationship," says my 28-year-old, resident married friend (RMF).

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The trick is being open and confident about your decision and not apologizing for it. He actually said, 'Talk to me in a few years.' After another month (give or take) went by, we talked about it again.

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