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Most recently a big fan of Bughead, Capri Minichiello, spotted the pair with her dad – fashion designer Dino Minichiello – in Canada.She exclusively told that Cole and Lili were "so gracious and kind." They even explained who they were to her dad. Capri posted a picture with the rumored couple and captioned the shot, "OMGGGGGG!!!!!!But, truthfully, it’s very pleasing that people talk about Lili and I in that way because it means that we’re resonating so strongly from our character perspective that people really want that to be true.

Going to college made me realize you have to have real spaces of privacy and you have to establish those early," Cole explained.The pair was reportedly "seen canoodling, holding hands and kissing" during at party following the San Diego Comic Con.This party marked the first time Cole lent his jacket to his honey and there is picture proof. "A little bit more of that, so it's going to be good.They bring out the best in each other and when rumors started flying and were seemingly confirmed by sources this summer that off-screen, Cole and Lili were an actual item, shippers hearts' everywhere nearly burst.Bughead is simply precious and knowing these two are head over heels in real life restores everyone's faith in love, tbh.

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