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Laboratory tests are often used to verify smoking status, especially in clinical trials.

Methods of biological verification include serum and saliva thiocyanate (SCN), expired carbon monoxide (CO), plasma, saliva and urinary cotinine and plasma and urinary nicotine.

However, smoking cessation interventions have had heterogeneous successes.[] Smoking cessation is necessary to reduce future morbidity and mortality, however many patients have difficulty discontinuing.We excluded dose ranging studies, non-RCTs, post-hoc analyses, maintenance therapy, and studies that reported outcomes as self-report. This is variably reported in studies over years of publications.National committees require data on the 4-week post-TQD and each group of trials of intervention deals with this endpoint differently.In this weeks episode we had the chance to meet up with Jeff from events, Michael from marketing, Pat from Pret Helmets, Dan from, and Sal from…Smoking cessation has important immediate health benefits.

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We searched 10 electronic medical databases (inception to October 2008).