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Sometimes, we feel like we've done everything right.

We're supportive, we're sensitive, we're generous with our time and our bodies, and we lend a kind ear.

Like women, men don't always say exactly what they're feeling precisely when they feel it.

But guys don't have to say much to show you what they're thinking.

Sure the two-day beard is hot, but poor hygiene and a slovenly appearance are not.

If he cares about you, he needs to care about how he appears when he's around you.

The clues to knowing if he’s genuinely into you aren’t the big, showy gestures you might think.If you’ve been dating a lot of players recently, this new, emotionally available behavior may seem startling. When a guy genuinely likes you, he wants to spend time with you, regardless of what you do together.So if your cutie invites you to hang out and watch movies at his place, get coffee after work, or meet at the Laundromat on Sunday night so you can keep each other company while washing your clothes, chances are good that he’s into you.He puts his hands on his hips with his elbows out to the sides. Of course, timing is super important in interpreting the feet: If you're talking to a guy who seems interested, you touch his arm, and then see his feet angle away from you, the context says he's no longer interested. But if he crosses his legs away and turns the rest of his body toward you, it could just mean that he's shy, depending on the guy. He sort of shuffles toward you while you're talking. But don't rush to judge a great conversationalist just because he chats you up while he faces forward. The throat represents communication and vulnerability, Wood says. When he holds your hand, he presses his palm against yours.Because this stance takes up more space than standing with your arms against your sides, Wood says this is a male power signal that guys use to show physical superiority over other guys. If he makes an effort to find a common thread or asks you lots of questions, his body language may reflect his personality (shy), and he could actually be totally enthralled by you. If he reaches up to touch it during your interaction, he's interested in you and worried about coming across well. This kind of full-fledged hand-holding signifies a desire to connect. If he's constantly two steps ahead of you, it means he's more concerned about himself than you, Wood says.

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So stop keeping score on flowers, gifts, and fancy dinners.