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At Matchcompany Ltd., we hear that, compared to dating rituals elsewhere, “In New Zealand, people don’t seem to date…everyone is either married to someone they met at university or settling for hooking up in pubs…relationships seem to start really quickly.” New Zealanders themselves acknowledge that dating isn’t an important part of their culture.Kiwis often say, “First, you’re friends, and then you’re in a relationship, and it just happens.At the end of the day if you are in New Zealand to travel then make that your main focus!Whether you meet a city chick or a small town country chick, the similarities vary but the one thing Kiwi girls all love is a person that knows what they want.When dating someone from a different culture, both sides need to leave their stereotypes at the door.New Zealanders, know that immigrants who leave their home countries often differ from the cultural norms in their homeland – they are better educated and more adventurous.Some of these interests are as follows –If for some unforeseen reason you don’t get a date, some girls can just be as unpredictable as the weather, in this circumstance you will need to confide in a Kiwi bloke for a ‘man date’ also known in New Zealand as ‘Bromance’.

If that is you then this blog may get you a long way when it comes to the wahine (maori) a.k.a women a.k.a kiwi chicks!

Don’t just interrogate an international date about when and why they moved to New Zealand: some migrants have that conversation three or four times a week.

Take some time to get to know the real person behind that journey.

When I say “you must be up for a challenge” I say this because in 2012 an international study showed that Kiwi women were amongst the most promiscuous in the world, so it might be easy to score a Kiwi girl but dating one is a different kettle of fish…Now I know some people may think that it’s just statistics, how on point can that really be for such a small country? Here are some reasons behind this theory…The word “date” according to the urban dictionary may be used to identify a get together between two people not romantically involved, but this usage is meant to convey irony, since such a meeting is not a date in the true sense of the word. If you want to take a Kiwi girl on an actual date then be prepared to pull out all of the stops, don’t just class a date as a casual get together if you want to be more than a statistic!

In reality, the statistics have to come from somewhere for this small country to stand out. On a scale of 1 – 10 (10 being the hardest) I am going to say… Wine and dine her – not just your typical dinner and a movie but also add an extra mile on top of that, dinner-movie-AND the foot rub. Also, nobody ever turned down a bottle of wine or chocolate.

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However, it is not always easy to find the perfect man.

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