Dating factory net

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Dating factory net

It said more than 30,000 vehicles would be built before manufacturing ends.

The carmaker said the announcement would provide certainty to its employees as well as the factory's supply chain.

Automotive Transformation Minister Kyam Maher said the State Government was offering support to Holden workers through a transition scheme."We will certainly continue doing what we've done with the workers," he said."We've ramped up only recently our publicity for the scheme to make sure every possible worker is accessing these services."In December 2013, Holden announced it would stop making vehicles in Australia in 2017 but the exact closure date has, until now, remained unclear.

The decision meant nearly 3,000 people would be out of work, with job losses already having kicked in.

Holden said nearly 700 workers have left the Elizabeth plant since 2015."Almost 70 per cent of them have found jobs within 12 months," Mr Maher said.

The flow-on effects on suppliers are predicted to be far greater, with one analyst forecasting about 12,000 job losses as a result of the Holden closure.

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