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It’s one of those moments where coming into it, it’s like what doesn’t kill you actually makes you stronger. Obviously, we are some strangers that we really don’t know, and where is she going to go from there?In order to be fearless you need to be fearful and in order to be strong you need to be weak at some point.Garcia came on Den of Geek's , to have a chat with me about what drives Luciana to survive.From the minute Garcia came on the line, so personable and honest about her work, it was evident just how much time and effort she puts into making Luciana a complex character who can love as much as she can fight.

That makes these characters different in that sense, and that is interesting to me. In the beginning it seemed like you guys were never going to get along. Travis is this good guy trying to bring the old world into the new world. If you notice that after the apocalypse started he stopped doing drugs. That’s what he represents, but what do you think your character represents?So I kind of went with that as an actor, kind of making that relationship stronger.The fact that the whole season ends with that this relationship could possibly crumble, as everything falls apart.How are we going to get back on our feet and be that wolf that always fights back? How is Nick going to find himself in that transition with her? But I actually save him because I see his bravery of being there on his own because I know what that feels like. The reason why it comes so easy for him is because when the world was normal he was living the apocalypse in his soul. Obviously, yeah, he was a drug addict, but now he has to deal with different kinds of situations.Because obviously she is not in a good place, for sure. This season has a lot of, “How is she going to get back on her feet? Nick chose this orphanhood and even he and Luciana’s coming together is in this scene where Luciana loses her brother, and Nick is comforting her. Do you think that there is some resentment there that might come out? I think that there is a difference between Luciana and Nick despite the fact that they are both orphans of the apocalypse. You could tell Luciana was very, “Nah, not dealing with you. It’s interesting because we are talking about all the ways that these characters have to survive and go on with their lives. I mean, he was a heroin drug addict, and he was living that kind of a life, and the fact that he came to life is it’s just his alley. That’s how it came really easy for him, the transition, because he was escaping something before.

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What they’re really protecting themselves from is not the dead, but the humans. So, when anybody gets infected, they have to join the wall. They surrender before they infect anybody else that they love inside La Colonia. We recognize them and of course it’s difficult, but it’s the only way we survive.