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I could learn to lock the damn bathroom door properly, however.

*** I'm not really sure how Vonnie found out about my private bathroom activities.

It takes a while to get going, but I believe the background is important. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My name is Donal Liam Padraig O'Sullivan. I suppose, when you follow the good Catholic example of spawning enough children to start a family sports team, there will be survivors, and if a muti-generational family reunion were to happen... With five older sisters, twenty cousins spread across five maternal aunts and one uncle, and 18 more from my father's side, we were nearly a nation of our own.

If you're looking for a quickie, this may not be for you. If you read it with your best Irish lilt, or perhaps using your leprechaun impression, it rolls off the tongue easier, and accurately conveys my lineage. I gave up trying to figure it out beyond my great grandparents... Let's just say the O'Sullivan genes were well spread out across the world.

Only two blocks away, and closer in age to my family than her own, she was like my sixth sister, and had a different attitude than my real sisters. my uncle Cillian, was seventeen years older than her. She was like a mother, my own age, or at least a lot closer to it, and she was much easier to talk to. "Any hotties after your body now that you're legal? This house would be filled with big, soft breasts this weekend, and I'd probably get hugs from all of them. "I just thought this gift would be better without the crowd," she continued.

Her closest sister was twelve years older, so she was every bit as much an afterthought as I was, as low boys and girls on our respective totem poles. I waited for her to call back, but I fell asleep before she did. I even returned the favour when her most serious relationship imploded, holding her while she cried, then telling her how beautiful she was, and what an idiot he was. "Just a few of my classmates taking me out for a burger and some fun. "Actually," she laughed, "I don't think either of us wants to open this in front of anyone else." "Huh?

She was doing her best, turning me bright red with questions about when I last 'played with my stuff', and she looked around, making sure we were alone. I was confused, and it must have shown, so she clarified. She took parental security codes to a level I didn't know existed, so I wasn't as knowledgeable about the mechanics of sex as some of my friends. Her friendship had also given me more confidence around girls. The confidence was like a narcotic, and made me continue without thinking. oh, never mind." I could feel my face glowing, and turned away. In it, she had already programmed her own cell number, and those of all my sisters, who had received their phones on their thirteenth birthday.

Often, I was like a fly on the wall, completely unnoticed. I don't know if you've spent much time around that many females at once, but during the morning rush, it can be like backstage at a Las Vegas revue, with women in various stages of undress flitting all around. More changed at home than just the roster of residents. This fact was made worse by the fact that I was a small child.

Towels were dropped, and naked women were everywhere. All my sisters seemed to be blessed with the long legs of a gazelle from birth, but I was the little brother, in every sense of the word.

She called it 'playing with my boy stuff', kind of a gentle reminder that we were different, even if she was my best female friend. " She wrapped me in a big hug, letting me know my apparent perversion wasn't going to chase her away. Just wanted to try my phone, and wanted you to be my first call." "That's so sweet, honey.

It always ended with a hug, just to let me know it was not meant maliciously. Vonnie was nearly eighteen, was dating other boys, and was still my best friend. She held me longer than usual, my head against her chest. A certain part of me was headed toward the other end of the scale, so I turned my hips, hoping she wouldn't notice.

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Whatever the reason, I grew up in a house full of women, the only testosterone in a sea of estrogen. Being the youngest, and only boy, I was doted on by my all my sisters, my aunt, and my Mom. "I guess that makes you my only boyfriend," she laughed. " "All the women I know are older women," I smiled, in a moment of sudden adolescent maturity. Fiona got married and moved out before I turned fourteen.

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